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12 Proven Health Benefits of Apricot

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12 Proven Health Benefits of Apricot are diverse, as apricot has a large amount of essential nutrients for the general health of the body. In addition, scientific name Mammea americana, apricot is also known as apricot, apricot and apricot. Its fruit is fleshy, has only one seed, is hard and round. Apricot is consumed mainly in the United States, and in Brazil it is most consumed in the state of Pará.

Benefits of Apricot

The tree is leafy, large and pyramidal, and can reach 15 meters in height. The leaves can measure up to 14 cm in length, and are petiolate. The flowers are white, perfumed and appear solitary or in pairs opposite.

From the shoots of the tree is produced the momin, an alcoholic beverage. The beverage can be prepared by means of the kneaded and fermented shoots, and the beverage is similar to wine.

The earliest records of apricot cultivation were in China, about three thousand years before Christ. The apricot probably arrived in Armenia brought by the merchants who rode the Silk Road. The indicated amounts for a good feed are about 50 grams of dry apricot or about 4 to 5 units of fresh apricot. An apricot tree can reach a height of up to 7 meters in height.

Apricot fruit can be consumed when ripe, usually in the fall season, and can be used to prepare juices or jams, for example. So, check out The 12 Proven Health Benefits of Apricot.

Apricot Contains High Levels of Antioxidants: One of the great benefits of apricot for health is that it is a good source of vitamin C and also a great source of vitamin A, providing 20% ​​of its DV per serving.

Proven Health Benefits of Apricot To Replace Energies: Apricot can replenish energy from professional and amateur athletes quickly. Maintains body fluids. It can also be used before training because of low glycemic indexes.

Apricot is Rich in Fiber: The benefits of apricot to health by having high amounts of fibers that exist in apricots offer a variety of health benefits.

It is also a good source of fiber, which can prevent constipation and maintain a healthy digestive system. It can be essential in colon health, is great for digestion and helps balance the metabolism and maintain a healthy body weight.

Proven Health Benefits of Apricot For Eyes: Apricot, for example that are rich in vitamin A and carotenoids, are now considered by many, which can help strengthen the eyes. One report states that eating three or more servings of fruit a day can help prevent age-related eye disease such as macular degeneration.

Proven Health Benefits of Apricot To Fight Anemia: Apricots contain a good amount of iron and copper, apricots can contribute to the formation of hemoglobin.

Proven Health Benefits of Apricot For Skin: In addition by rubbing apricot oil on the skin can help alleviate the symptoms of diseases such as eczema and scabies, making it one of the great benefits of apricot for health.

Benefits of Apricot

Proven Health Benefits Apricot For Heart Health: The beta carotene found in apricot is now considered by many studies that may play a positive role in disease prevention and in cardiac and cardiovascular health. They help prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and detoxify the blood.

Apricot is Rich in Various Vutrients: Dry apricot is rich in phosphorus, potassium and calcium that help maintain energy and bone fortification;

Benefits of Apricot To Develop Resistance Against Infections: Apricot fruits contain vitamin C, another natural antioxidant. Vitamin C helps the body to develop resistance against infectious agents and to sweep the free radicals harmful to oxygen.

Benefits of Apricot For Cancer Prevention: The apricot by containing in its nutrients powerful antioxidants found in the benefits of apricot in helps protect the body from free radical activity and damage to cells and DNA.

Recent research has shown that apricot seeds fight cancer because of their laetrile content. Laetrila, also known as vitamin B17, is a controversial substance found in seeds (also known as “wells” or “grains”) of apricots.

Benefits of Apricot For Weight Loss: These delicious berries have a low calorie, nutrient rich food source that can be a great addition to any weight loss program. In addition, apricot fiber can help maintain a healthy weight level.

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