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17 Health Benefits of Avocado Juice

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Health Benefits of Avocado Juice that you need know. Moreover, the Avocado Juice contains properties beneficial for prevent and fight various diseases. Then, check the benefits of Avocado Juice for health. Like to know what the benefits of Avocado Juice are? Know the properties of Avocado Juice: main benefits, nutrients, vitamins and origin. The avocado, also known as the alligator pear, is a fruit well known for its properties that reduce cholesterol levels in the body as well as offer many other health benefits.

One of the best ways to enjoy the health benefits of this delicious fruit is as an avocado juice. As a healthy, enjoyable drink, avocado juice offers all the wholesome advantages of the versatile fruit in one delicious glass.

Read on to discover more about avocado juice nutrition, including how it offers an excellent source of antioxidants that help slow aging and prevent certain types of cancer and heart disease. Then, check the benefits of Avocado Juice for health.

Benefits of Avocado Juice to Control Blood Pressure: High potassium and folate content in avocado can help regulate blood pressure by helping the body eliminate sodium through urine. This avocado juice benefit will help protect the body against circulatory diseases, heart problems, and stroke.

Benefits of Avocado Juice to Improve Vision: Not only do avocados help absorb antioxidants, they are also high in potent antioxidants themselves. These include lutein and zeaxanthin, which help to neutralize free radicals and are important for improving eyesight and preventing eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, and astigmatism.

Benefits of Avocado Juice to Prevent Kidney Stones: A high-potassium food, avocado juice benefits include helping to reduce urinary calcium excretion, lowering the risk of stones forming in the kidneys. The high potassium levels in avocado juice is a main mineral needed for healthy kidneys.

Benefits of Avocado Juice to Increase Nutrient Absorption: Some nutrients are fat soluble, meaning that they need to be combined with fat in order to be utilized. Vitamins A,D,E, and K along with antioxidants like carotenoids are some of those that need to be consumed with fat. Eating an avocado provides all the healthy fat to dramatically increase the nutrient value of the other plant foods.

Benefits of Avocado Juice to Prevent Prostate Cancer: Although there is limited evidence that avocado may be beneficial in preventing cancer, one study has shown that it may help reduce side effects of chemotherapy in human lymphocytes.

Avocado extract has also been shown to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells. Some studies in isolated cells have shown that avocado juice nutrition may have benefits in preventing prostate cancer, and lowering side effects of chemotherapy.

Benefits of Avocado Juice for Muscle: With such high potassium content in avocado juice, it helps balance out the body’s electrolytes, and aids in muscle activity, nerve function, and energy metabolism. One of the main roles of potassium is controlling nerve and muscle function. Potassium, along with sodium, helps nerves send electrical signals required for nervous system function.

Benefits of Avocado Juice to Lower Cholesterol: Studies have shown that avocados can reduce total cholesterol levels significantly. It is known that several blood markers are linked to an increased risk of cholesterol including, triglycerides, inflammatory markers, blood pressure, and various others. Research has shown that avocados can reduce blood triglycerides, lower LDL cholesterol, and increase the HDL cholesterol.

Benefits of Avocado Juice to Prevent Morning Sickness: A benefit of avocado juice is for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness. The vitamin B6 in the avocado helps relieve nausea and queasiness associated with pregnancy. Stick to recommended daily amount as research is pending on consuming larger amounts while pregnant.

Benefits of Avocado Juice to Prevent Stomach Ulcer: Avocado Juice health benefits also include calming and soothing hypersensitive surfaces of the stomach that are irritated by ulcer. The blandness of the fruit is perfect for a stomach that is having ulcer symptoms. Its abundant nutrient and enzymes are also an effective remedy to treat ulcerations.

Benefits of Avocado Juice to end Bad Breath: The rich creamy texture of avocado juice cleanses the mouth when consumed, so it acts as a natural toothbrush. It gets rid of bacteria and food debris caught in the throat and intestines, due to its thickness, which in turn helps abolish any bad breath!

How to Make Avocado Juice: Avocado Juice is easy to make, and the taste can be altered by adding in as many different ingredients as wanted. There are many versions of avocado juice recipes that are both tasty and nutritious.

Mixing the avocado with different types of milk, whether it is almond, soy milk, or full fat cow’s milk will make a difference on how creamy your juice turns out. Try adding some additional fruits and vegetables to increase the nutritional value of the juice. Creamy Avocado Juice:


  • 1 ripe avocado;
  • 1 cup cold milk, any variety;
  • 1 tbsp sugar, honey, or sugar substitute;
  • *optional – any other fruits or vegetables of your choice.


  • Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit with knife or spoon.
  • Scoop out the inside of the avocado and put into blender.
  • Add in sugar and any other fruits or vegetables.
  • Start to pulse avocado mixture, adding in milk slowly until desired thickness has been achieved.
  • Once the desired consistency has been found, blend until everything is completely combined through creating a uniform look throughout.
  • Garnish, and serve cold.

Are There Any Side Effects of Drinking Avocado Juice: Avocado Juice nutrition far exceeds any known side effects. There are no known serious side effects of drinking avocado juice to those who have no allergy to the fruit.

People who are sensitive to latex should avoid touching or eating avocados as they do contain an enzyme called chitinase that can cause an allergic reaction.

Avocado Juice benefits are varied, and it is safe for most people when the fruit is consumed in food amounts. It generally has few side effects.

If avocado juice is consumed in adequate amounts, it has been known to cause mouth allergy such as an itching sensation, and swelling of the tongue.

Always contact a medical doctor is there are any signs of an allergic reaction. Taking avocado juice for medicinal uses when pregnant or breastfeeding is not recommended.

There is not enough reliable information on the safe amounts to take, so stick to recommended daily food amounts.

Avocado Juice benefits are so wide-ranging, there isn’t much it can’t do. Adding avocado to juice and making it into a drink is any easy way to consume a recommended daily intake of the fruit.

With so many benefits, avocado juice’s nutritional value beats out many other juices, and it is quickly becoming a new superfood drink.

Its creamy texture and bland taste creates a perfect base for adding in many other healthy foods to increase the nutritional value of the drink.

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