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12 Proven Health Benefits of Mustard

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Proven Health Benefits of Mustard that you need know. Moreover, the mustard contains properties beneficial for prevent and fight various diseases. Then, check the benefits of mustard for health. Like to know what the benefits of mustard are? Know the properties of main benefits, nutrients, vitamins and origin. Mustard seeds are widely used in Indian households and are an integral part of Indian cooking as they impart a very rich taste to food.

Benefits of mustardVarious forms of the sees like oil is used for cooking whereas, whole seeds are used as tadka, powdered seeds are widely used in various dips and garnishings and mustard oil is widely used for cooking. The underlying reason for using mustard seeds is the huge number of medicinal properties they have. Selenium and magnesium are both found in mustard and help to reduce inflammation. Mustard as a regular part of your diet, can aid in relieving asthmatic symptoms like chest congestion as well as relieve arthritis and joint pain.

In the case of arthritis and joint pain, mustard powder or seeds can be made into a paste and applied topically. They can also be wrapped in a thin cloth and placed in a relaxing bath to soothe aches and pains!

Mustard Nutrition Facts: The mustard plant brings an entire gamut of helpful constituents through its various edible parts. Seeds of its plant are a rich source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. Along with this, it is a good source of dietary folate and vitamin A. Mustard greens or leaves of mustard plants are an excellent source of essential minerals including potassium, calcium and phosphorous. It is also a good source of magnesium and dietary fiber. The immense wealth of vitamin content offered by mustard green includes a profuse amount of vitamin A and vitamin K with folate, and vitamin C also present in decent amounts.

Benefits of Mustard to Strengthen Your Immune AystemWith its high manganese and iron content, mustard can help strengthen your immune system and prepare you for the cold and flu season!

Mustard Contains Cancer Fighting Properties: It has been proven that mustard is high in phytonutrients (found in plants), which can help keep your organs running properly. The effects of these nutrients are most present in the gastrointestinal tract and thus can help avoid gastrointestinal cancer. Mustard can help slow down the growth of cancer cells and help prevent them from forming.

Benefits of Mustard to Promotes Hair Growth: Mustard has many vitamins that promote strong and healthy hair growth. In particular, the presence of beta-carotene, iron and calcium help stimulate the growth.


I would suggest rubbing mustard oil throughout your hair and scalp, wrapping your head in plastic wrap or a plastic bag and then letting it sit for about 30 minutes. Then wash away the oil thoroughly with shampoo. Bonus… this treatment also helps with dandruff!

Benefits of Mustard to Lowers Cholesterol: Mustard contains niacin and vitamin B3, which can help in lowering your cholesterol and normalizing your blood flow.

Benefits of Mustard to Helps Relieve Constipation: Mustard seeds are high in fiber and mucilage, which help in relieving constipation! A tablespoon of seeds 2-3 times a day might help you out!

Benefits of Mustard to Accelerate Metabolism and Digestion Process: Yellow mustard can help improve the digestion of food in the body. According to the studies, it can also help increase saliva production up to 8 times from the consumption of it. It really helps accelerate the process of metabolism and digestion of food. In addition, mustard contains anti fungal and antiseptic substances that help strengthen the immune system of the body.

Benefits of Mustard to Increase Body Immunity: Virus and bacteria can cause some infections that may give some damages to the body. Based on research, the nutrients contained in yellow mustard seeds such as manganese, iron, magnesium, and selenium help keep blood pressure normal and boost immunity against those. Because of it, we should eat yellow mustard to protect the body from getting sick easily and become a healthy person.

Benefits of Mustard to Overcome Stomach Disorders: It is believed that eating a tablespoon of yellow mustard seed mixture with water can help cure various stomach disorders, such as constipation and ambient. It is because of the fiber that contained in there. So, it is very good for our digestive system and helps us protect the stomach that is always a problem after consuming too much food.

Benefits of Mustard to Prevent Cancer: Yellow mustard contains a variety of content that has benefits, one of which is glucosinolate that has been scientifically proven to have the effectiveness of inhibiting various types of cancer. According to chemical reaction, glucosinolate is converted to isothiocyanate with the help of myrosinase enzyme.

In addition, the content inhibiting the growth of cancer is also able to inhibit the formation of cancer cells. Chemopreventive nature of the seeds helps stimulate the occurrence of apoptosis without affecting normal cells.

Benefit of mustard

Benefits of Mustard to Prevent Cholesterol: The yellow mustard seeds produce crude oil (canola) that contains erucic acid. Based on daily nutrition, canola oil contains omega-6 and omega-3 with a ratio of 2: 1, and make it the healthiest oil because it can also lower cholesterol. It is also because of the low of fat that contained in yellow mustard, so this spice or ingredient can become an alternative solution to add or mix it with delicious food without increasing the cholesterol.

Benefits of Mustard to Protect Kidney: Yellow mustard is rich in calcium and potassium. These two substances can work together to protect the kidney from some diseases, such as kidney stone.

To do it, according to biological process, the kidney will filter potassium and remove it through the urine. Thus, it can be said potassium is beneficial to maintain kidney health.

Benefits of Mustard to Get Additional Energy: Yellow mustard contains 15 calories, 1.1g carbohydrate, 0.5g fiber, and 0.9g fats. According to nutritionists, these nutrients are the source of energy. We can conclude that if we eat yellow mustard, we will get many energies that can be used to do our activities and work. In addition, it can replenish energy that we have used for daily activities too.

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