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10 Proven Health Benefits of White Tea

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Proven Health Benefits of White Tea that you need know. Moreover, the white Tea contains properties beneficial for prevent and fight various diseases. Health benefits of white tea include a reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and an improvement in oral health.

Benefits of white Tea

It has antioxidant and anti-aging properties which help in maintaining good health and wrinkle-free skin. It protects the skin from harmful effects of UV rays. With its antibacterial properties, white tea also protects the body from various infection causing bacteria.

It provides relief to diabetics from symptoms such as decreased plasma glucose levels, increased insulin secretion, and excessive thirst (polydipsia). Intake of white tea also helps in losing weight.

There are different types of tea that exist in the market. Green tea, black tea, hibiscus tea and chamomile tea are examples of types of tea that people are used to. Intake of tea has for a very long time been known to have positive effects on human beings and this is why people refer to it as the key ingredient to wisdom, happiness, and perfect health. Then, check the benefits of White Tea for health.

Benefits of white Tea for Weight Loss: Busy schedules and wrong choice of food can easily lead to weight gain. Shedding off that gained kilo may not be easy especially if there is no time for physical exercise. Living by a given diet plan is one of the ways out of this kind of situation.

Some of these diets may not be fun to stick to unlike the intake of white tea, which is similar to any other beverage of your choice.

Studies suggest that intake of white tea may prevent adipogenesis, which is the process of formation of fat cells, and may control the life cycle of these fat cells called as adipocytes.

Benefit of white Tea Relieves Common Cold: It is a good remedy for various common diseases. Intake of white tea provides relief to those suffering from flu and a common cold.

Benefit of white Tea Antibacterial Agent: Diseases and medical conditions are mainly caused by pathogens, which attack the immune system making it difficult for the body to operate at a normal capacity.

White tea has antibacterial properties which can protect our skin from b

acteria and other germs. Various products such as hand soap are made using this tea as a key ingredient. Consumption of white tea helps in protecting our body from infection-causing bacteria and other microorganisms.

Benefit of white Tea Helps In The Treatment Of Cancer: According to a study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, white tea might have an anti-cancer effect. In fact, white tea was found to be more effective than green tea in destroying cancer cells in the study.

As per another Malaysian study, white tea has excellent antioxidant and antiproliferative effects against cancer cells. The tea not only destroys the diseased cells, but also protects the healthy cells from DNA damage.

According to the Oregon State University, white tea is the least processed amongst other teas. White tea is a great source of antioxidants and polyphenols, both of which are cancer-fighting compounds. It also has been found that tea (especially white tea) has certain positive effects on the metabolism that can block some of the cancer-causing effects.

Benefits of white Tea Enhances Energy And Alertness: As we already know, white tea goes through the least amount of processing, and hence has the highest concentration of L-theanine (an amino acid that boosts alertness and has a calming effect on the mind). White tea contains less amount of caffeine than other teas, and, as a result, is more hydrating – this helps in sustaining energy.

Benefits of white Tea Helps Reduce Inflammation: The catechins play a mighty role here they reduce inflammation, and also reduce the risk of diseases linked to chronic inflammation (such as cancer, diabetes, and atherosclerosis).

Benefit of white Tea Can Be Beneficial To The Kidneys: In a Polish study conducted in 2015, consumption of white tea was linked to the reduction of adverse effects of environmental pollution on the human body, including the kidneys.

Another study conducted in Chandigarh, India, showed the role of catechins (because of their antioxidant activity) in offering protection against renal failure (44).

Benefits of white Tea Treatment Of Acne: You can, ideally, consider drinking white tea for acne treatment. Take one cup of white tea twice a day regularly. The antioxidants in white tea flush out the toxins in your body, whose accumulation could have a negative effect on your skin and result in acne.

You can also use white tea topically by boiling two white tea bags and then allowing the solution to cool down through refrigeration. Soak cotton balls in the solution and rub them on your skin for a few minutes, post which you can wash your face with cold water.

white Tea

Benefits of white Tea Can Be Beneficial In Pregnancy: As already discussed, white tea contains antioxidants. In one Scotland study, it was found that antioxidants offer cell protection from the increased oxidative damage during pregnancy.

However, there are a few concerns regarding consumption of white tea during pregnancy:

White tea contains caffeine (though less than other teas, except green tea, whose intake must be limited during pregnancy. This is because the unborn baby can’t metabolize caffeine like the mother. According to certain research papers, intake of excessive amounts of caffeine can increase the chances of birth defects, miscarriage, and stillbirth.

Benefits of white Tea Improves Liver Health: The catechins (which are also found in green tea) were found to offer protection against hepatitis.

In one Chinese study, tea catechins were found to prevent hepatitis B infection. An American study had also substantiated the antiviral effects of catechins that can help in blocking the life cycle of hepatitis B virus.

However, excessive intake of catechins was also found to be toxic to the liver. Hence, exercise caution or consult your doctor before taking white tea for the liver.

Where to buy white tea?

You can buy it in any grocery and natural health stores, as there is no debate about its health benefits. Tea is consumed in huge quantities all around the world, and while white tea is produced less than any other variety, it is still widely available. You can buy it in major big-box stores like Target and Walmart, as well as at independent herbalists, coffee and tea distributors, and farmers markets.

White tea is packed with antioxidants, which makes it an incredibly healthy tea.

Studies have linked white tea and its components to a variety of impressive health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease and cancer. It may also help you lose weight.

Sadly, white tea has not been studied as much as other teas, like green tea, because it’s not as popular. More human studies on white Tea would help clarify its health benefits.

All told, white tea is a great addition to your diet and it is easy to prepare. It has a subtle yet refreshing taste and can be enjoyed both hot and as a cold brew.

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