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30 Health Benefits of Fig Juice

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Health Benefits of Fig Juice that you need know. Moreover, the Fig Juice contains properties beneficial for prevent and fight various diseases. Then, check the benefits of Fig Juice for health. Like to know what the benefits of Fig Juice are? Know the properties of Fig Juice: main benefits, nutrients, vitamins and origin.

benefits of fig juiceBoth fresh and dried figs can be used in making fig juice and the flavor is usually enhanced with the addition of prunes and raisins. Fig juice offers a wide range of health benefits, they also have a mild laxative effect which does not make them unsuitable for children – they are a great substitute to infant formula. Figs are very nutritious fruits, that’s why they are called “blessed fruits”.

Their amazing nutritional profile is the reason why they offer so many health benefits. They are also a good source of vitamin B6 as well as other nutrients (check below for a full list of nutritious facts). Fresh-squeezed fig juice has similar composition to breast milk and can be used as already said as an alternative to infant formula.

Nutritional Value of Fig Juice: Fig is highly energetic, because it is rich in sugar. Contains vitamin C, minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Combats inflammations of the respiratory system. It has a mild laxative action, since it contains soluble fibers. Helps in the prevention of cancer due to the presence of benzaldehyde.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Natural Sleep Inducer: Fig is a great source of vitamin B6 therefore fig juice is an excellent laxative. If you are suffering from insomnia drinking fig juice in the evening or before going to bed is what they have to do. As the juice contains tryptophan which is one of the 20 basic amino acids and helps as a sleep inducer. It is not only for adults but young children can also have it.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Weight Loss: Figs are a good source of dietary fiber, but low in calories. High fiber foods keep you full, reducing hunger pangs. It acts as a natural laxative, thereby helping in eliminating the waste form the bowels. The lower the toxin levels, the easier your weight loss will be.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Source of Antioxidants: Figs also act as the source of antioxidants since these fruit is offering the antioxidants nutrient contained which may help decrease any harmful effects. Then, it is known that figs contain polyphenolic flavonoid antioxidants such as carotenes, lutein, tannins, chlorogenic acid to keep our body healthy. Moreover, a study shows that figs and dried plums have the highest nutrient score among other dried fruits. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Benefits of Fig Juice for Treats Bronchial Infection: Fig juice is very effective in clearing bronchial infection which helps in soothing the mucous membranes and reduce irritation.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Better Digestive Health: As mentioned, the presence of fiber in figs enables it to act as a natural laxative. Thus, it is beneficial for those who are suffering from constipation. It is also known to cure irritable bowel movement. It also contains prebiotics that support the good bacteria in the gut, improving digestion.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Low in Calories: As described before, figs are low in calories. Then, it is good for someone who does diet routinely. Then, you can eat figs in the morning as daily habit or just right for your alternative dinner menu.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Treats Bladder Stones: Sometimes minerals get deposited on the bladder and results in causing bladder stone. Fig juice is a huge source of minerals and nutrients which is low in cholesterol and sodium. This in a way helps in fighting bladder stones.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Thwarts Off Cancer: Fig leaves are known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The antioxidants in fig eliminate the free radicals and other cancer causing substance in the body, preventing cancer. It is also known to protect from breast cancer after menopause.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Prevents Free Radicals: When free radicals substances attacks, the presence of unpaired electron will be shared. Then, there is a link between the preventing action of free radicals and the presence of antioxidants nutrients contained in figs. At this point, the good source of antioxidants nutrients may help you prevent free radicals.

A balance between free radicals and the presence of antioxidants will also balance the health. As the result, antioxidants neutralize the condition by donating the electron to reduce the effects of free radicals. Moreover, it is known that phytochemical compounds in figs defend against cancer, infections, and other diseases.

benefit of fig juiceBenefits of Fig Juice for Treats Constipation: Fig juice helps in curing constipation. All you have to do is combine it with oat milk which helps in relieving constipation symptoms. Take 300 ml of oat milk and 90 ml of fig juice. This should be consumed after waking up from sleep in the morning in order to get quick relief.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Prevents Macular Degeneration: Eating three or more serving of figs daily is known to lower the risk of age-related macular degeneration. It contains high amounts of antioxidants, carotenoids, and Vitamin A, C, and E, that renders better vision.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Lowers Risks of Diabetes: Next, research pointed that by consuming figs fruits, it may help you to lower the risks of having diabetes. It is chlorogenic acid contained in figs which play a role in lowering blood sugar levels and controlling blood glucose levels in type-II diabetes mellitus.

Besides, the presence of fiber may help in promoting functional control of diabetes. Also, the potassium in figs helps to balance the amount of sugar contained from the food we have eaten. Thus, it is best to have figs as your food option, since it will help you to prevent the risks of having diabetes.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Building Body: As fig juice is high in carbohydrates and sugar, it acts as a natural body builder. Drinking this juice helps in boosting the vitality which helps in exercising more and burn off fat faster and the extra calories. Other than that the high glucose content of the juice also helps in fuel up the muscles and helps in workout whereas the protein helps in building nutrients. Therefore, fig juice is a great effective substitute to muscle building power drinks for body builders which costs heavy.

Benefits of Fig Juice for For A Moisturized Skin: The high levels of omega 3 fatty acids in figs helps to keep the skin moisturized and well- conditioned. Apply fig paste on the lips to treat cracked and dry lips.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Prevents Hypertension: The high amount of sodium in our body may lead to hypertension. Nevertheless, you can eat good foods that may prevent the risks of having this disease. While figs are high in potassium and low in sodium, it is being the best way to help. Also, the presence of potassium helps to control the blood pressure. Consequently, adding figs to your diet menu may help you to deal with hypertension problems.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Substitute To Breast Milk: Fresh fig juice is similar in composition to that of breast milk and can help in double the size of the infants within six months. For the women who suffer from HIV/AIDS this is the best way to substitute their milk for their infants. Other than that it also acts as a substitute to those suffering from whey, soy allergies.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Natural Exfoliation: The peels of figs contain several active enzymes, which can be used as an exfoliating agent to remove the dead cells from the skin. Wash the figs peels and leave them aside. Wash your face and scrub your skin with the inside of the peel to clear the debris.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Treats Acne And Pimples: Fig juice has healing properties and can heal skin warts and sores. Appling the juice of fig on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes helps in treating acne and pimples

Benefits of Fig Juice for Hair Conditioner: Figs are one of the most popular natural ingredients used in the hair care industry. Its extracts are used to create hair conditioners and masks. The extracts condition the hair, preventing breakage. It moisturizes and conditions the hair without weighing it down.

Fig oil is ideal to soothe out dry, damaged, rough hair. It hydrates the scalp, making it lustrous and voluminous. Add a few drops of fig oil to your hair mask and apply it on the hair and scalp. Wash it off after one hour to get silky and smooth hair.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Prevents Inflammations: Inflammation happens when the immune system fights against something that may lead to the harmful condition. It may be caused by various ways including the presence of bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Also, it can be caused by chemicals reaction. Then, as figs fruits contain an excellent source of best nutrients, this fruit will help you to act as an anti-inflammatory.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Prevents Kidney Stones: It is shown that by consuming figs daily will help to remove the kidney stones. Simply boil 6 figs in a cup of water, then they will be ready to be eaten as food. In other words, by consuming figs, it takes you to have an alternative way to prevent the risks of having kidney stones.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Reduces Signs Of Ageing: Fig contains vitamin C which acts as antioxidants by fighting the free radicals that are responsible to damage the skin.

Benefits of Fig Juice for For Better Collagen Production: The high amounts of vitamin C contribute to the formation of collagen, a protein which makes the majority of our hair and scalp. Thus, it helps in thwarting loss of hair due to breakage and hair fall.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Lowers Risks of Asthma: The health benefits of figs include its use in lowering the risks of asthma. It works as it maintains the good respiratory conditions in bronchitis. Then, by consuming figs, you help yourself to prevent the symptoms and the risks of asthma.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Hair Growth: Fig juice contains minerals such as magnesium which helps in the growth of the hair.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Prevents Premature Greying: Fig is very beneficial for maintaining the natural color of the hair. It contains copper, a mineral which prevents premature greying.

Benefits of fig juice against sexual dysfunction: For centuries, figs have been recommended as a way to promote sexual desire. It is known that the fruits of the figs act as an aphrodisiac. This fruit is decreasing the risks of sexual dysfunction such as sterility and erectile dysfunction. At this point, it is due to the presence of zinc, manganese and magnesium which help in promoting the health of the reproductive system.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Improves Body Metabolism System: scientifically, figs are having a great role in improving body metabolism system. Due to the presence of the B-complex group of vitamins such as niacin, pyridoxine, folates, and pantothenic acid, figs works on maintaining the body’s health.

These fruits are increasing the work in metabolism for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Thus, with the figs consumption, it helps us to promote the biochemical processes which allow our body to grow, reproduce, repair the damage from certain diseases.

Benefits of Fig Juice for Relieves A Sore Throat: Surprisingly, figs are also beneficial for relieving the sore throat. It is due to the presence of high mucilage content in figs that helps to recover a sore throat faster. Then, by simply add figs on your meal, may help you to maintain the throat health.

fig juiceBenefits of Fig Juice for Removes Harmful Estrogens: Our body naturally produces the estrogen when it is needed. Though, the more estrogen contained in our body, it may lead to weight gain, headaches, and other certain diseases. To remove this harmful estrogen, figs is always ready to help you. Then, it concludes that everything we take must be in an ideal amount, right?

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