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15 Proven Health Benefits of Calcium

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Proven Health Benefits of Calcium that you need know. Moreover, the calcium contains properties beneficial for prevent and fight various diseases. Then, check the benefits of Calcium for health. Like to know what the benefits of calcium are? Know the properties of calcium: main benefits, nutrients, vitamins and origin. Mineral calcium is well known for its key role in bone health. calcium also helps maintain heart rate, muscle function, and more. Because of its health benefits, calcium is one of the best selling supplements in the US. Calcium has two main functions of calcium in the body. The first is the care of structures, such as bones and teeth, and the second is cell signaling or regulatory action. This second function includes the care of the nerves and muscles and the control of the body mass, mainly in the rate of fat.

1. Benefits of Calcium For bone growth and skeletal development: Osteoporosis is the condition that causes abnormal skeletal development in children and is directly related to Calcium deficiency. With a large consumption of Calcium, bone development is not only catalyzed but also prolonged, which is essential for bone growth in young children and young adults.

Benefits of Calcium For Reducing the occurrence of kidney stones: It is a common misconception that Calcium is the main culprit behind the occurrence of kidney stones. Scientific research and data suggest that the right amount of calcium intake by the body protects you against painful kidney stones that can destroy the lining of the kidneys.

3. Benefits of Calcium in PMS Prevention: Studies by scientists suggest that Calcium deficiency in the system can have a negative impact on the levels of progesterone and estrogen, which can trigger the premenstrual syndrome. This is the reason why doctors recommend a daily dosage of 1000 mg of Calcium for women and about 2000 mg of Calcium if you suffer from PMS.

4. Benefits of Calcium For  Blood pressure regulation: Although most of the calcium (about 99%) of your body is present in the bones, the small amount of calcium in the blood helps regulate low blood pressure. A regular dosage of calcium can also help significantly in the treatment of hypertension.

5. Benefits of Calcium For  Protect against cancer: It is a common belief that antioxidants are the main cancer cell fighting agents. However, recent studies suggest that Calcium can also be effective in fighting different cancers such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer and ovarian cancer.

6. Benefits of Calcium For  Fetal Development in Expectant Mothers:  Calcium is one of the major elements of the body and the skeletal system is entirely constructed.

During pregnancy, mothers are suggested to increase Calcium intake as it is not only necessary for the sustenance of your body but also for the ideal growth and development of the baby.

Getting enough Calcium will ensure that your baby has enough Calcium to keep growing at a healthy rate. If Calcium is insufficient, the baby will be forced to bleed the calcium he needs from his mother’s stores.

7. Benefits of Calcium For Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases:  Calcium deficiency in the body can affect the nervous system, which is directly connected to vital organs, such as the heart. With a sufficient intake of calcium in your regular diet, you are protected against various cardiovascular diseases as well as hypertension.

8. Benefits of Calcium For  Maintain a healthy smile: Your skeletal system, including the bones and teeth of the jaw, are composed of Calcium and are reinforced with phosphorus. With a sufficient intake of calcium, your teeth and gums not only remain strong, but are protected from attack against bacteria and plaque formation. You will know the importance of calcium when you have a full set of teeth even in old age.

9. Benefits of Calcium For Balancing pH levels in the body: Foods we eat, such as junk foods, sugars and soda, can increase acid levels in the body, causing swelling and chronic acidity.

This acidity is not only uncomfortable but can also cause hypertension and stress the kidneys.

Calcium has a cooling effect on the system, which maintains the pH levels in the alkaline body.

9. Benefits of Calcium For  Help in Weight Loss:  Calcium acts as a natural catalyst in metabolism, which increases digestive processes. This helps to burn the fat cells in the body, which directly helps you to lose weight. So if you are eager to lose weight, Calcium can be a helpful ally.

10. Benefits of Calcium For Prevention of skin damage:  Calcium deficiency is known to cause white patches on the face and skin.

With ample Calcium content in your diet, you can not only get rid of white patches but also impart a natural glow to your skin.

In addition, Calcium is known to slow the aging process of the skin and aid in skin repair, which can help you look younger years.

11. Benefits of Calcium For  Prevents hormonal abnormalities: An effective use of Calcium is the stabilization of hormone levels in the body. With a diet rich in Calcium, your body regulates the hormones, such as adrenal, thyroid and other efficiently, which is useful for optimal functioning of the body.

12. Benefits of Calcium For  Calcium Prevents Weight Gain: It is the secret of everyone that weight gain is caused by the excessive amount of fat in your body. There are many reasons why excess fat in your body can not be burned; one of the reasons is when you suffer from Calcium deficiency. So, yes, you need Calcium to keep you from gaining weight.

13. Benefits of Calcium For  Reducing the risk of chronic diseases: Several in-depth studies state that Calcium can play a crucial role in preventing the occurrence of chronic diseases.

Improved Calcium intake can not only fight chronic diseases but also reduce the chances of them coming back.

14. Benefits of Calcium For  Transport of nutrients:  Calcium together with vitamin D acts as the main carrier of nutrients from one cell to another. This means that calcium not only provides the basic support for the skeletal structure, but also ensures that each cell receives the nutrients to replicate and grow.

15. Benefits of Calcium For  Excessive Calcium Hazards: While having enough Calcium in your blood is essential for healthy growth and disease prevention, having too much calcium can cause many other problems.

Although rare, the condition Hypercalcemia is one in which there is an excess of Calcium in the blood. Where calcium levels are usually regulated by the parathyroid hormones and calcitonin, excess calcium prevents it from working properly.

Hypercalcemia can be incredibly dangerous for cancer patients, so if you have cancer and suspect you have hypercalcemia, contact your doctor immediately. Hypercalcemia is considered a medical emergency in patients with cancer.


Throughout history, Calcium has been a useful element for mankind, and the progress of medical technology has led us to the realization of how important this substance is.

With the regularly recommended dosage for children and adults, Calcium is all you need for growth, development and complete nutrition.

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