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17 Amazing Benefits Of Saffron Health

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Amazing Benefits Of Saffron Health. Benefits of Saffron for health that you need know. Moreover, the Saffron contains properties beneficial for prevent and fight various diseases.

Benefits of Saffron

Saffron is known as Zafaran or Kesar. The thread like part of Zafraan flower is used for many health and medicinal purposes. Zafraan is one of the most expensive spices in the world as maximum of its processing work is done through hand. Saffron is extremely valuable spice because of its distinct flavor, health and medicinal properties.

The amazing healing and medicinal properties of saffron offer various benefits, some of the most important ones include prevention of serious ailments like cancer, improving respiratory and digestive health, and eliminating pain. It also acts as an aphrodisiac. Then, check the benefits of Saffron for health

Saffron for Muscular Problems: Saffron is used in curing of age related muscular degeneration. Saffron not only reduces the degeneration process but also helps in healing the damaged cells.

Saffron for Male vitality: Saffron is used to enhance men’s vitality. Even this magical herb has the ability to provide vigor to the older people.

Saffron for neurological problems: Since the ancient times, saffron is used on the forehead because of its neurological benefits.

Saffron for menses: Zafran is used to controlled blood loss during menstrual cycle.

Saffron for arthritis: The auurvedic physicians prescribed saffron for arthritis patients. It is also good in controlling of asthma. Saffron helps to clear breath.

Saffron for pregnancy: Saffron during pregnancy with milk is good for enhancing pelvic blood flow and reduces the occurrence of cramps, which is common during pregnancy.

Drinking of saffron milk helps to stimulate the production of serotonin that control mood swings, tension, stress and depression among pregnant mother.

Saffron for hair loss: The application of Zafraan over the scalp is good in treating of baldness (alopecia).

The mix of saffron, milk and licorice when applied over the scalp is good in prevention of hair loss and hair growth. The application is also helpful in stimulating of hair growth.

Saffron for radiant skin: Saffron is highly beneficial for radiant skin. It is suggested that one should make a face pack mixing of saffron (2 to 3 strands), milk (3 tsp) and sandalwood powder (1 tsp).

Apply the paste on your face, massage gently and left it for 15 minutes followed by washing with fresh water. It should be done once in week to have smooth and glow face.

Saffron for glowing skin: Take 4-5 strands of saffron and soaked it into water for 2-3 hours. Now, use this mix over your face and massage gently. Wash it after 5 minutes. The process may be repeated twice or thrice a week for fairer skin.

Saffron good for pimples: Make a paste of Zafraan ( 10 strands) and basil leaves (6-7 leaves). Apply the paste over your face and wash the same after 10 minutes. This application is good in prevention of acne, blemishes, pimples, wrinkles and other black spots from the face.

Saffron as anti-oxidants: Saffron is having many antioxidants that are beneficial in contending of free radicals thereby helps in prevention of diseases and promotion of health.

Saffron controls heart rate: Potassium in saffron is good in controlling heart beat by allowing to slow down thus protect the heart.

Saffron for blood pressure: The zafraan spice contains many minerals such as cooper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Some of these are helpful in controlling blood pressure as well as in the formation of haemoglobin.

Saffron for cancer Prevention: Saffron is containing bio-chemical compounds such as zea-xanthin, lycopene, α- and β- carotene; all these are acts like as immune modulator and protect the human body from cancer.

Saffron benefits

Saffron as Stress Buster: The presence of carotenoids is beneficial in boosting the level of immunity and reduces oxidant-induced stress.

Saffron as Antidepressant: Zafraan contains safranal and alfa-crocin, a volatile oil compound, effective in controlling depression and acts like as anticonvulsant. Kesar brings cheerfulness and wisdom in the body.

Saffron for Disease Prevention: Saffron contains many bio-chemical compounds as antioxidants, which are good in contending of various diseases by controlling free radicals thus promotes overall well-being of the body.

Word of Caution: Consuming Saffron in high doses can be potentially dangerous, as the high concentration of active ingredients can have a range of effects on the body.

However, in small doses (such as in meals or in pill supplement form), saffron is not known to have any common side effects or allergenic properties.

Some side effects that have been reported include dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, anxiety, fatigue, and appetite changes, but these are rare.

As always, consult a medical professional or trained herbalist before adding a powerful new element to your herbal regimen.

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