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20 Proven Health Benefits of Chia

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Proven Health Benefits of Chia that you need know. Moreover, the chia contains properties beneficial for prevent and fight various diseases. Then, check the Benefits of chia for health. Like to know what the Benefits of chia are? Know the properties of chia: main benefits, nutrients, vitamins and origin.

Benefits of chia are varied and very important to keep your health on track. In addition, chia is the popular name of Salvia Hispanica, a herbaceous plant of the lamiaceae family, native to the regions of Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia. The plant is best known for its seed, which is sold whole, ground or in the form of oil.


Chia’s word derives from the Nahuatl word chia, which means “oily.” This seed is considered a functional food given its compositional characteristics, among the main components are fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein and omega-3.

Chia Nutritional Value: The chia seed is considered the functional food given its compositional characteristics (among the main components are fibers, calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein and omega-3). So check out the 20 Proven Health Benefits of Chia:

Benefits of Chia Rich in Magnesium: A portion of chia seeds contains 30% of the RDA of magnesium. Mineral has several benefits – some of which include the treatment of hypertension and heart disease, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes. Magnesium also helps in producing energy in the body and lack of it can cause fatigue, insomnia, irritability and poor memory.

Benefits of Chia Improve Sleep: There are two hormones that are essential for sleep – serotonin and melatonin. These two hormones are produced by tryptophan, an amino acid in the body. The seeds of chia, being high in tryptophan, help the good sleep and relaxation. According to an American study, tryptophan is also used to treat numerous sleep disorders.

Benefits of Chia Are Charged with Antioxidant: Another area where chia seeds shine is in their high amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants protect sensitive fats in rancid seeds. Although antioxidant supplements are not very effective, antioxidants in foods can have positive effects on health.

More importantly, antioxidants fight the production of free radicals. They can damage the molecules in the cells and contribute to aging and diseases like cancer. There are some contradictions about chia having more antioxidants than blueberries, but nothing has been found to verify this claim.

Benefits of Chia They Help Detoxify the Body: As the largest source of combined omega-3, fiber and protein plants, chia seeds are an excellent addition to your detoxification efforts. They help support your body’s natural detoxification pathways, repair your cells, reduce inflammation and support a healthy digestive system.

Benefits of Chia Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer: With 36% fiber content and a perfect balance of 80% insoluble versus 20% soluble, chia helps to lower cholesterol, improve bowel health and regularity and can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Benefits of Chia Reduce Your Risk of Metabolic Syndrome: They are rich in soluble fibers that dissolve in water, swelling to form a gel-like substance. This helps improve the health of your heart by keeping blood sugar spikes at bay and lowering cholesterol.

Benefits of Chia Versatile and Easy to Use: These seeds can easily be added to many foods and beverages. They can be used whole or ground and can even serve as an egg substitute in recipes. Unlike some “superfoods” like spirulina, chia seeds do not have a strong flavor and can be easily used in recipes and added to smoothies without affecting flavor.

Benefits of Chia Contains Niacin and Thiamine: Each serving of 2 tablespoons of chia seeds provides 12 percent of the DV for niacin and thiamine. Vitamin B is important for turning food into energy and keeping your nervous system functioning properly.

Benefits of Chia Also Contains Copper: You need copper to keep your nerves healthy and form red blood cells and strong bones. You will get 0.3 milligrams of copper, or 13% of DV, in each portion of chia seeds.

Benefits of Chia Is Rich in Calcium: this mineral is the most abundant in the human body, making it essential for bones, muscles and nerves. Some minerals such as zinc and iron may have a reduced absorption rate due to the phytic acid content of chia seeds.

Benefits of Chia for the Bones: One study showed that increasing consumption of calcium-rich foods, such as these seeds, can improve skeletal health. Consumption of these seeds is also considered an effective way to improve calcium intake.

In addition to calcium, chia seeds are also rich in manganese – which are crucial for the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. Chia seeds are also rich in phosphorus, a mineral that has been found to improve bone health. The presence of antioxidants in this seed can also protect your teeth from damage.

Benefits of Chia Can Improve Skin Health: The omega-3 fatty acids in chia seeds have been found to increase circulation and reduce dryness and inflammation of the skin. And, according to a Manchester study, omega-3s help protect the skin from UV radiation. Chia seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent wrinkles. The seeds also help decrease sagging skin.

Benefits of Chia Can Treat Dyslipidemia: Dyslipidemia is a metabolic disease in which there is an abnormal amount of cholesterol in the blood. According to one study, it was found that chia seeds attenuate this condition.

In another Argentine study, the alpha-linoleic acid present in these seeds improved the condition of rats suffering from dyslipidemia. In addition to treating dyslipidemia, chia seeds have also been found to increase HDL or good cholesterol levels.

Benefits of Chia Help Treat Diverticulosis: Diverticulosis is the presence of tube-like structures in the intestine with no signs of inflammation. Chia seeds, simply because they are vegetarian and rich in omega-3, are found to help prevent diverticular disease.

Lack of fiber has also been associated with diverticulosis – and chia seeds, being an excellent source of fiber, may help treat this condition. They absorb water in the colon and soften bowel movements.

Benefits of Chia Can Substitute Eggs: If you think you want protein, but do not take eggs, you have good news! You can use them as a substitute for eggs.

The process is simple. All you need is one tablespoon of chia seeds and 3 tablespoons of water. Ground the seeds of chia and then mix with water in a small bowl. Keep it aside for 5 minutes, post what the mixture takes on a smooth consistency – similar to the raw egg yolk. You can add this to your dishes and enjoy the quality of high quality protein.

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Benefits of Chia Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties: The presence of omega-3, fiber and protein make these seeds one of the best anti-inflammatory foods out there. The anti-inflammatory properties of chia seeds can also help in the treatment of arthritis.

Benefits of Chia Does not Contain Gluten: Gluten is the protein present in cereal grains, especially wheat, and is responsible for the elastic texture of the dough. In certain individuals, gluten is known to cause allergies and intolerance to gluten. However, with chia seeds, it is a different scenario. It is 100% gluten free.

It is particularly useful in gluten-free cooking. They are especially beneficial for individuals suffering from celiac disease. According to the studies, people with celiac disease tend to consume less calcium and fiber than recommended – and chia seeds, being rich in these two nutrients, can fill the gap.

Benefits of Chia Is Rich in Manganese: In addition to several other nutrients, chia seeds are also rich in manganese. Manganese may help in the treatment of arthritis, diabetes and epilepsy. Manganese also has excellent antioxidant properties. Improves metabolism and speeds wound healing.

Benefits of Chia Improve Mood: Chia is considered a superfood, believed to improve its mood over regular consumption. According to a Pittsburgh study, omega-3 fatty acids are associated with better mood and behavior. Consuming chia seeds can also help you fight depression.

Benefits of Chia Rich in Antioxidants: We all know how important antioxidants are. And the seeds of chia have in abundance. Antioxidants are not only good for cells, but also for the skin – they help decrease the signs of aging. Their antioxidants have also been found to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. A high content of antioxidants is what makes these seeds more stable on shelves than other seeds.

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