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10 Proven Health Benefits of Chicken

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Proven Health Benefits of Chicken that you need know. Moreover, the chicken contains properties beneficial for prevent and fight various diseases. the Chicken is one of the most valued foods among people of all ages, throughout the world. Not only it forms a crucial part of various culinary traditions but it is also highly nutritious and delicious to taste. Here are some amazing health benefits of eating chicken.

Benefits of Chicken for Helps build muscles: chicken is one of the best non-vegetarian sources of protein. It is lean meat, which means that it contains more amount of protein and less amount of fat. A 100g serving of roasted chicken offers you 31g of protein, making it great for those who want to bulk up and build muscles.

Benefits of Chicken for Keeps your bones healthy: Apart from protein, chicken is rich in several minerals like phosphorus and calcium, that helps keeps bones in mint condition. Also, it has selenium which has been known to cut risk of arthritis.

Benefits of Chicken for Relieves stress:  chicken has two nutrients that are great for reducing stress – tryptophan and Vitamin B5. Both of them have a calming effect on your body and this makes chicken an excellent option after a stressful day. Also, it tastes great and that adds to its stress releasing, happiness inducing properties.

Benefits of Chicken for Reduces PMS symptoms: Magnesium, a nutrient present in chicken helps soothe symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome and fight the various mood changes that a woman might experience during her periods.

Benefits of Chicken for Helps boost testosterone levels: Men should consume foods rich in zinc as it helps regulate testosterone levels as well as boost sperm production.

Benefits of Chicken for Immunity:  chicken soup has long been used as a home remedy for relieving cold, flu and other common respiratory infections. The hot steam of Chicken soup helps clear nasal and throat congestion while the thick fluid coats the throat to prevent invasion of respiratory linings by microbes to cause infection. A study evaluating this effect suggested that Chicken soup inhibits migration of neutrophils, a type of immune cells, and preventing inflammation during common infections and boosting immunity

Benefits of Chicken for Promotes heart health: chicken, being rich in vitamin B6, plays an important role in preventing heart attack. Vitamin B6 helps by lowering the levels of homocysteine, one of the key components linked to an increased risk of heart attack. Besides, chicken is also a good source of niacin that helps lower cholesterol, a risk factor for heart disease development. The American Heart Association also recommends consumption of chicken over red meat since it contains less amount of saturated fats and is also good source of omega-3 fatty acids that exhibit beneficial cardiovascular effects.

Benefits of Chicken for Weight Loss: Diets that have high levels of protein are known to effectively reduce weight, and Chicken is one the most common foods for weight loss since it brings high protein content along with all the other essential nutrients.

Benefits of Chicken for Blood Pressure Control:  chicken consumption has proven to be useful in regulating blood pressure. The study involved participants who were experiencing hypertension. The diet also included nuts, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dietary products.

Benefits of Chicken for Reduced Risk of Cancer: Studies show that the risk of colorectal cancer was higher in non-vegetarians who consumed high amounts of ham/pork, red meat as compared to fish and chicken

Benefits of Chicken for Reduced Risk of High Cholesterol: The amount of cholesterol and saturated fat present in red meat such as lamb, beef, and pork is comparatively very high as compared to the levels found in chicken, vegetables and fish. Hence, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends consuming fish or chicken in place of red meat to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and subsequent development of different heart diseases.

Benefits of Chicken for Nature’s Antidepressant:  chicken is rich in an amino acid known as tryptophan, which provides your body with the relaxing feeling. In fact, if you happen to be feeling a little depressed, eating some Chicken breast meat will boost the brain’s serotonin levels, improve your mood, blast the stress and lull you to sleep.

Benefits of Chicken for Prevents Bone Loss: Due to its high protein content, eating chicken will help fight bone loss and thus reduce the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Benefits of Chicken for Accelerates Metabolism: The presence of Vitamin B6 promotes metabolic cellular reactions and enzymes, which means that consuming chicken breast meat will maintain the health of your blood vessels, keep your energy levels high, and boost metabolism so your body can burn more calorie and maintain a healthy activity level and weight.

Benefits of Chicken for Body weight maintenance: With chicken being an excellent source of high quality protein, it helps in maintaining body weight especially for obese people. Adequate protein quantities would mean that your stomach stays full leaving no scope for binge eating. Including chicken two to three times in a week is not a bad idea, however, ensure to cook it in a healthy way.

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