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The Website Health tips is a service exclusively provided through the internet, aiming to be a platform to support professionals and health establishments, in publicizing their services and providing patient support in the search for a provider that best suits their needs.

The Health tips Site does not in any case provide medical, laboratory or general health services. We do not offer counseling, diagnosis or action in any activity related to the provision of medical and related services. The Natural Cure Site has no interest in indicating or influencing the choices that users make regarding the service providers registered in the portal.

The Health tips Site only lists providers who voluntarily and consciously registered on the portal. The Site uses the highest and most appropriate technology available on the market to ensure the security and protection of your data against unauthorized access or inappropriate use.


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The purpose of the Health tips website is to inform the lay public in accessible and simple language about health, food, exercise and wellness issues. The site addresses topics such as conventional therapies and alternative treatments, cooking, home recipes, drug inserts, beauty tips among many other health related categories. At no time does this information supersede medical diagnosis, treatment or advice.

3 – Advertising, Marketing Services:

The Natural Cure is restricted to the provision of advertising, marketing and digital communication services through the online platform. By accessing and using its functionalities, the user declares full service and expresses its consent to the conditions described herein.

The User, according to his convenience and need, has the option to use the online platform of Health tips to search, identify, choose and get in direct contact with the Providers.

The Health tips does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, as well as does not mediate the communication and / or receive any commission from the Providers.

It is expressly established that any medical evaluations, additional information, examinations, reports, expert reports, etc., will be requested exclusively by the Providers, who may, according to their own autonomy, accept or refuse certain patients and services, at their sole discretion.

The User is also solely responsible for producing or obtaining any information, data, reports or examinations that may be required to contract the medical services and provide them directly to the selected Providers without any interference or mediation by the site.

3 – Confidentiality:

Any information collected by Health tips, such as an e-mail address, will never be passed on, transferred or sold to third parties, unless required by law. The complete privacy policy is on our Privacy Policy page.

4 – Advertising and Editorial Policy:

Health tips displays Google ads. We do not control the content of such ads and our editorial content is free from any commercial influence. Our website hosts advertising banners and links, and all advertising is distinguished by the word “Advertising” and / or “Ads by Google” or by third parties.

We do not depend on any company. The Health tips Site is an independent and impartial entity that is not connected to any laboratory or pharmaceutical industry. We do not promote products dependent on sponsorship, and your advertising is completely independent and impartial.

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