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17 Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon

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Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon that you need know. Moreover, the cinnamon contains properties beneficial for prevent and fight various diseases. Then, check the benefits of cinnamon for health. Like to know what the benefits of cinnamon are? Know the properties of xxx: main benefits, nutrients, vitamins and origin. Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices we know, and was honored for its culinary and medicinal properties since antiquity. This seasoning is made from the inner bark of the cinnamon, and is rolled in toothpicks or ground into powder. The majority of cinnamon used in the western world is cassia cinnamon, which is native to China.

Proven Health Benefits of CinnamonMany of us are familiar with the culinary benefits of cinnamon – which gives sweet and savory foods a delicious and fragrant punch. With regard to health, there are many. Firstly, cinnamon is a good source of manganese and calcium, two minerals important for bone health and many other body systems. It is also rich in antioxidants, in the form of essential oils with active components. These components include cinnamyl acetate, cinnamaldehyde and cinnamyl alcohol.

The antioxidants in cinnamon make it a strong anti-inflammatory seasoning. For this reason, consuming it can often help prevent many chronic inflammatory diseases from forming. These include heart disease, autoimmune diseases and more. Cinnamon also has potent antimicrobial properties and has been found to be effective against foodborne illness. In addition, cinnamon has been associated with heart health, circulatory health, memory improvement and general cognitive function. It even has the potential to lower blood sugar.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon to Prevent Cancer: Cinnamon contains anti-cancer properties. Make a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder in the water. Drink the mixture twice a day for three months to cure the cancers of bone and stomach.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon to Increase Longevity: Cinnamon is known to improve shelf life. A combination of four teaspoons of honey, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and three cups of water, when brewed and drunk three to four times a day, increase longevity.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon for the Treatment of Diabetes: A quarter teaspoon of cinnamon, when consumed over a period of two months, will help reduce blood sugar by 30%.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon to Treat Infertility: Cinnamon contains a nutrient called cinnamaldehyde, which is known to increase the level of progesterone and decrease testosterone levels in women. Hormonal balance reduces the chances of infertility in women.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon to Prevent Neurodegenerative Diseases: Cinnamon helps reduce chronic inflammation that is associated with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon to Increase Brain Function: Smelling cinnamon regularly helps boost the cognitive ability and memory of the brain.

Cinnamon is a Breath Air Freshener: Cinnamon helps fight bad breath. Chewing a few cinnamon sticks or gargling with hot cinnamon water helps to get rid of bad breath effectively.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon Fight COntra Bacteria, viruses, etc: Cinnamon can fight viruses that cause flu and cold. It also inhibits bacterial growth, which can cause UTIs and E. coli. It is well known as an infection fighter, such as Candida wound infection. When you drink cinnamon tea on a regular basis, you can also fight the stomach flu and various hospital-acquired infections that are caused by a virus or bacteria.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon to Prevent Indigestion: Cinnamon is rich in an antioxidant known as catechins. This is an excellent digestive aid and prevents Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), bloating, constipation, gas, etc. A cup of cinnamon tea works well to relieve discomfort, especially if you eat rich foods.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon to Improve Colon Health: According to research, cinnamon helps immensely in improving the health of the colon. Therefore, it can prevent colon cancer. Its richness in antioxidants also contributes to the prevention of this life-threatening disease as well as other cancers.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon to Prevent Chronic Inflammation: Cinnamon is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic inflammation has been connected to a large number of dangerous diseases and diseases such as Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, obesity, infertility, etc. Cinnamon tea is a delicious way to combat inflammation and protect your body from its effects that can cause these mortal health problems.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon to Control Blood Sugar Levels: Studies have been conducted to show how cinnamon can affect blood sugar control in people with diabetes (5). They showed that diabetics who received a dose of up to 6 grams of cinnamon every day had their blood sugar levels lowered by 18 to 29%. A cup of cinnamon tea can help reduce sugar spikes and improve the modulation of blood sugar levels.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon to Improve Circulation: Improper circulation can affect the body in several ways. It can cause varicose veins, joint pain, constipation as well as a wide range of other health problems.
Cinnamon tea can warm the body naturally, and this helps increase blood flow throughout the body. Therefore, it can naturally improve blood circulation. It is also a natural blood thinner, which is another reason why you should switch to drinking cinnamon tea regularly.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon to Stimulate Memory: According to research, cinnamon can have a positive effect on cognition, alertness and memory. Memory recovery and response time can be improved with cinnamon intake.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon

If you have work overload, drinking a cup of cinnamon tea can help you stay relaxed and focused. Although more research is needed to prove this, it would not hurt to drink some soothing cinnamon tea when you need to be alert and focused.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon To Relieve Insomnia: These days, it is not just adults who suffer from insomnia; many kids too. What you need is a great natural remedy to promote good sleep every night. There is nothing better than a glass of hot cinnamon milk to help you sleep well.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon to Relieve the Symptoms of the Cold: We have already discussed how love alone can help relieve the symptoms of the cold. The addition of cinnamon may also help because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. If you knocked over a seasonal insect, try adding a tablespoon of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon (or a cinnamon) to a cup of hot green tea or herbal tea to get rid of the insect faster.

Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Improving Digestion: Cinnamon has been linked to improving digestion by cooling the stomach and protecting the walls of the intestines, and raw honey can help support beneficial intestinal bacteria. Together, these two superfoods can be critical to a healthier and more functional digestive system.

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